At A2K Media, we practice what we preach with regards to inclusive screen business practices.

Who better to create, design and deliver Disability Awareness Training for the Screen Industry than Australia’s Disability led production company, A2K Media.

    “As a disabled performer and writer, it is an absolute breath of fresh air to work with Ade Djajamihardja and A2K Media, a             producer who not only has first-hand experience with disability, but one who also champions our talents and our stories...

     Growing up, I never got to see anyone in a wheelchair on TV.”

                                                                                          — Belinda Aitken          


A2K Media creates, designs and delivers Disability Awareness Training with a specific focus on the screen industry. 

Participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of appropriate language to use around disability.

  • Learn how to minimise barriers to access and inclusion.

  • Learn strategies that are imperative for the creation of inclusive screen practices.

  • Develop confidence working with and engaging with disabled people in the screen industry.

The A2K Media Disability Awareness Training Workshop will be led by two competent presenters who have an intimate understanding of disability in the screen sector.

After the A2K Media Disability Awareness Workshop we will offer ongoing support to all participants via phone or email in order to answer any questions related to disability awareness that may arise after our training. This ongoing support will prove extremely valuable.

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