“For twenty years I've worked as a comedy writer, performer and producer for some outstanding television production companies. These include Artist Services, Roving Enterprises, Radio Karate and December Media, each behind some of the biggest names in comedy and entertainment. Recently I had the pleasure of working with A2K Media who not only matched these organisations in professionalism but stood out as a company that fosters an inclusive environment and truly values diversity. A2K Media are leading producers of comedy that confronts discrimination but I also see them as frontrunners of exceptional comedy in general.”

— Jason Marion

Working with A2K Media on their proof of concept production has been a joyous experience; they are a breath of fresh air. Not only is A2K Media a professional production company, they practice what they preach through to the ‘end product’. It is what I imagined an inclusive process should look & feel like. Respect, expectation and inclusion are the foundation of the company. They do not compromise on quality of the final product rather they are inventive in the way they adapt and evolve to be a truly inclusive and disability led production company. 

- Joanne Donahoe-Beckwith (Director of Photography)

As a disabled actress and comedian, I find great comfort professionally and personally when working in an accessible environment. Sometimes it can be difficult in voicing certain needs I have to able-bodied colleagues, as either I need to explain in depth my physical disability or they simply do not understand. Having crew members with lived experience of disability, as Ade does, allows my needs to be met and understood without question. A2K Media, being a disability run company provides a professional and safe environment and very quickly establishes a safe and family-like comfort, which is an absolute joy. Sit Down Comedy is an inclusive comedy show. The employment of cast and crew of different ability is a vital part of the overall goal of equality. This project allows an opportunity for talented actors, writers and creatives of different abilities to expand their craft.

- Madeleine Stewart

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